What is an Art Collective?

This is a test, more than anything. No Really...We need to test the website to see if it works. I do, however, have a hankering to explore this for a hot second. We call ourselves a collective because it can't exist without the sum of its parts. No one person can pull this off, nor give the Mountain Art Collective the legs in necessitates to stand strong and tall--or short. I think as long as the movement is strong I don't care about its vertical stature. I digress.

An Art collective is the creation of a communal node for the concentration, proliferation and protection of the Arts. It could be anything from a place for artists to work and collaborate to a place for the community to enjoy education and entertainment revolving around the Arts. We seek to create more cultural stimulation by providing educational and entertainment driven programming in a town that is driven by outdoor recreation. I love to ski, but I also love to have a thought provoking conversation while taking an art class or learning how to Salsa :)

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