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About me? About photography? Alrighty then...

My roots are in Louisiana, but my soul is in the mountains.  I moved to Colorado the morning after I graduated from college and have made the Vail Valley a launch pad for adventuring and travel since 2008.  The desire to see and touch and experience as many things as possible became the catalyst for my decision to make photography my life. I needed a way to legitimize the vagabond lifestyle and a medium by which to immortalize the memories of people and places with whom i've become eternally connected. I love a good story. Whether its a rite of passage ceremony in the Amazon or the coming together of two families because of the love of two exceptional people, I want to be a part of it.  I'm not a grab and dash photographer. I want a relationship with the people and places that I photograph. If you are willing to share your story, I would be honored to help tell it.    

My desire is to make images that evoke emotion from the Human Race--whether that image makes you happy, sad, or moves you to change the world, the important thing is that we continue to feel.

Show me your world, and I'll create images that help define it. 

Looking forward to hearing your story!
       -Charles Townsend Bessent


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